Maybe, at first glance the third sector does not seem interesting, nor glamorous that’s for sure. However, you will be surprised to find out there is a very promising startup that deals exactly with this sector.

Amutapp is a startup which is only 6 months old and already in the top 5 finals in the Google startup competition. The competition is actually the collaboration between Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Google-Israel. The participants are young entrepreneurs working on projects for the public and third sector.

Ran Shamay, Daniel Bar, Ran Shamay & Hadar Englert

So what is the third sector? Daniel Bar, a student in Ben-Gurion University and a co-founder of Amutapp explained to us here at Tech7. The third or the public sector is the economic sector consisting of non-profit organizations. Daniel, who has a rich resume of organizing events of non-profit organizations, woke up one day and thought of the original idea for Amutapp. He realized that the services provided by these non-profit organizations is not accessible enough, and that something needs to be changed.

So, he posted on a university group on facebook that he needs partners for this new idea he has. The rest is, as you may guess – history. Daniel Bar, Hadar Englert, Ran Shamay and Assaf Maimon are the young students that are about to change the face of the public sector.

Amutapp’s product exhibits the ultimate innovation tool in the public sector. It is a platform the makes all non-profit associations manageable and available. Originally, the guys at Amutapp planned on making an app. But they eventually realized that a Bot will be more original and, most importantly – easier to manage.

A Chat Bot is a rather new technology based on artificial intelligence and machine-learning. The machine studies a given language, every aspect of it, and teaches itself throughout the process of communicating with the user. This autonomic system allows Amutapp to make every given association – and there are endless as such – to be out there. That is; available to every person in need for it, or in will to donate to it.

Let us assume we are walking down the beach and we run into a sick sea-turtle. We wish to turn to a certain association taking care of cases as this, and we have no idea where or how to start looking. With Amutapp’s product, we will be able to – literally – say the word, and a relevant service will be provided to us immediately. One will only need to talk to the Bot and explain the case, and the Bot will do the rest.

It is important for the guys at Amutapp to clarify that their product is not a platform for volunteering; “there are too many of those,” Daniel says. Amutapp is about the non-profit associations’ services that many times are not utilized, simply because the information is not accessible.

The ultimate goal of Amutapp is to create a new kind of awareness for these important services; for adults, the elderly, for children and of course, animals. We here in Tech7 are amazed by this initiative of Amutapp, which perfectly exhibits the value of the added value.

For our Finále, of course, we asked these cool and inspirational dudes what tip they can give to young entrepreneurs just like them. Hadar said; “first of all, you need persistence. It is never a comfortable time to start a project. Either you’re a student or you’re working or both, or you simply have no time. That is why it will be hard. And that is why you need to be determined and persistent.” Daniel added; “You always need to keep a good balance between the good advices you get, and those that only seem like it. Always listen to those with more experience than you, but also know when to follow your gut.”