Author: Dana Shahaf

Smufs – The next level of biometrics

This week, we went on a little road trip to Kibutz Revivim, a beautiful serene place found after only a 20 minute drive from Beer-Sheva.  In Revivim sits a very interesting and unique startup, featuring a mobile product of biometrical identification. We’ve spent some time with Oren Epstein and Eran Musai of Smufs to hear what they have to say about the biometrical field, and of course of their product.   Let’s start with you surprising choice of location to your startup – why here in this remote, however beautiful place? “Well, it is surprising to most people but...

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Anomeet – The World’s Upcoming Genius Waiter

Unlike many countries around the world, which are in a way ‘fed up’ with startups, Israel strives to be a startup nation. That is, to encourage new and old startup companies, to provide them with the best environment and conditions possible in order for them to keep on flourishing. In Beer-Sheva, the capital of the Negev (Israel’s southern area), we strive to maximize and maintain this encouraging vibe. We at Tech7 try to assist as many startups as we can, connecting them with the right investors and other startuppers. Additionally, we meet with different startups on a weekly basis,...

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