Author: Tiran Ezra-Hames

Connecting the dots: Cooperation vs. Collaboration

I’m not a native English speaker, and yet need to write in English. I recently had to write about ‘shituf pe’ula’ (שיתוף פעולה), a Hebrew expression that translates into either collaboration or cooperation in English. I wanted to make sure I’m using the right term, so I turned to Rabbi Google and typed in “collaboration vs. cooperation” which led me to an interesting post on the difference between these two words or rather two concepts, as suggested there. Let me quote here: When collaborating, people work together (co-labor) on a single shared goal… When cooperating, people perform together (co-operate) while...

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The future of healthy aging starts here

By Merav Breslow*   A global center for third age innovation Beer-Sheva has a growing community of startups and offers many resources which they can take advantage of. A great example is the current host of Tech7 community, CDI-Negev, an innovation complex that addresses big challenges in a unique approach, part of which is allowing startups to use labs as sandboxes for their products. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Idan Papier, the director of innovation and new shiny things at CDI-Negev, for a talk about the most recent lab launched in the complex, the Healthy Aging...

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A closer look at Tech7 Negev Innovation Community

Where it all started Anyone from the outside looking in at the high tech scene in the Negev cannot help but be impressed with the growing involvement of young Israelis in the changes taking place in the area. In order to understand where it all started, I am sitting at CDI Negev with Yotam Tzuker, for a talk about the Tech7 Innovation Community. A few months after the successful SilicoNegev startup competition finals event, and just before the Beer-Sheva startup day, Yotam speaks about how young people are getting involved and how in a persistent and quiet manner they...

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