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Fitscanner: when you want to be fit and not fat

The FitScanner team is the quintessential Israeli startup story. Daniel Boutov and his best army buddy, Yan Gelburd, became disenchanted with their corporate jobs and decided that they wanted to build something together. Yan identified the gap in the market going through his own story of weight loss, He figured out that what makes the biggest difference in appearance is body fat percentage, and that there was nothing out there to provide this measurement. The next step was creating an app that makes body fat measuring accessible and free.

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TechCrunch takes to the desert to (un)cover the hottest startup community in Israel

TechCrunch event served as validation to the efforts of the startup community as international businesses have started to take note. The idea of the #1 Tech website coming to Beer-Sheva was farfetched in the recent past, now the vibrant ecosystem in the area is producing tech at a rate that is impossible to ignore. When these companies gather together to build a community which works together to lift its members to new heights powerful players take notice.

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