Guided by our will to get to know the growing tech community in Beer-Sheva, this past week Tech7 met an amazing startup called DiaCardio. In addition to DiaCardio’s product being an actual life saver, they have another unique feature: the company was founded and is now lead by women, a sight which is still rare in the view of the western tech world.

We in Tech7 were curious to know what exactly DiaCardio’s product does, so we asked Hila Goldman-Aslan their CEO.

First and foremost, tell us about DiaCardio’s product, how it works.

“We have developed a new technology in image processing. Meaning, a new image simulation system, operating in heart ultrasound machines – echocardiography. It infers data from the ultrasound image in just a single click.”

So, there are crucial benefits of it that outweigh the human eye right?

“Exactly. When manually analyzing an ultrasound image of a heart, using a naked eye, the results in most cases are very subjective. Hence, the results are inaccurate and even if they are – it takes time to infer them. In worse cases, these subjective results might hurt the patient. DiaCardio provides the relevant marks on the image, and of course infers the significant, objective data.”

How did this vital technology became what it is today?

“Six years ago, Michal, our development director, was doing her thesis in Ben-Gurion University. Genius as she is, she developed this product that deciphers echo images. Fortunately, I met her three years ago and started working together to form what today we are proud to call DiaCardio.”

What is the best thing about being a start up in the medical field?

“You feel like you are doing something really important, and you are. We have developed a product that may save lives. One day we will all need a certain care for our hearts, and knowing it will be done in the most thorough way is very satisfying.”

Hila doesn’t seem to bother the fact that she is one of not many women in administrative positions in Israel’s tech community. She acknowledges the benefit of their company being led by three women entrepreneurs. However, she still wishes things will look different in the tech world, and for more diversity.

“Currently in Israel, only 7% of the administrative positions are occupied by women. However, I know it is changing constantly, and is on an upward trend. I don’t have any problem being in a conference room with men only. But, the western world has a lot more to learn in this area from China for example. There, you will find 50% women working in the tech world and in administrative positions.”

For our final question, that  has become almost a tradition in Tech7’s interviews – do you have a tip for young start uppers?

“I can think of a common mistake people do and in my opinion, they must stop. When you are in a meeting, if you got what you wanted – finish it! Shake hands, and walk out the door. Why? Because if you continue the meeting, the conversation can lead to opening the same subject again, and in many cases to unnecessary questions that risk the deal.”