Enlarging and empowering the startup community in The Negev, encouraging the investment in technological projects, creating a network of key figures and companies in the south – all are the guiding light of Tech7.

And, through these mottos, the idea of the Siliconegev Competition was born. In the past few years, The Negev is developing in an unprecedented pace; whether it is in the field of culture, housing or education. We in Tech7 are overwhelmed and excited to witness this trend, and as we mostly focus on the developing tech community in The Negev, we’ve come to realize that a startup contest is just the right boost the community needs.

In Beer-Sheva, entrepreneurship functions as a major growth engine both locally and nationally, and so we see tremendous importance in increasing and supplying financial resources for technological projects in The Negev. We also wish to expose the innovative activity in The Negev to leading key factors in the country and around the world, hence we see this competition as a potential useful means for that.

So luckily, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Ma”ta, and to fulfill our vision – thus we started the competition. We’ve created a multi-level contest, in which eventually only one project will be elected, and will win up to 500,000 shekels for its development.

Yotam Tzuker, Founder of Tech7

The opening event of the competition was on January 31st. It started with a light and festive breakfast which was followed by the Mayor Ruvik Danilovich’s speech. Among the 150 guests were students, start-uppers from all of southern Israel, CEO of CDI – Ziv Ofek and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. We then had a panel of leading executives from Hi-Tech companies in The South, which answered questions asked by the competitors. You might want to hear a bit more about these cool people

Hila Goldman-Aslan, the CEO of DiaCardio – a company that features lifesaving automated software tools for ultrasound, which enables doctors to analyze a patient’s heart condition. The second member of the panel is Uri Ravin, the CEO of Croosing – which turns links into superlinks, guaranteeing significant extra profit  from each click. Also a panel member was Yossi Dahan – who at age 24 is already the CEO of his own company, Configo. Last but not least is Ran Bar-Cela – CEO of the Elbit incubator, Incubit. And finally, the Moderator Yaron Weizenbluth – High-tech Partner at PWC Israel.

We are very excited towards the competition’s next event which will take place on March 22nd, in the Gav-Yam Hi-Tech Park, Beer-Sheva. Until then, be sure we will keep you updated on the latest tech news and events in The Negev.