This week, we in Tech7 got into a learning vibe, as you could see in our previous article on Reallearn. In continuation to this, today we will tell you about Kidcode – a new start-up that provides an online learning platform for kids at the ages 4-9. The uniqueness of this platform is that it provides the child with the basic tools and principles of engineering through a fun and colorful game.

We met the cool guys at Kidcode; Ziv Levi and Arnon Kahani – software engineering students, and Omer Meyassed – a computer sciences student. They told us about the coolest kids-game-platform around.

“It all started here, in Ben-Gurion University, that’s how we all met. We’ve been studying together for almost three years now, and during the program of the start-up accelerator we began the well-thought process which eventually yielded the idea of Kidcode today.”

What was it that fascinated you specifically in the creation of a kids game?

“Arnon was actually the one who thought about creating a game that will teach kids logical thinking and programming principles. Thus we though to ourselves; kids nowadays are so immerged in technology, they develop technological skills from such a young age – why not navigate and mold it towrdsa positive and learning aim?”

So what is your product exactly? How does the game work?

“We prefer to call it a platform rather than a game, as it is something much broader than a game. The platform provides the child with his\her own unique, little and somewhat cute dragon. With this dragon the kid will play and move from one ‘world’ to another, while learning basic programming principles; analysis skills, general thinking skills, team-work principles. Basically, the child will write an algorithm while enjoying it.”

Would you say the platform teaches skills that are relevant only for (future) programming?

“No, definitely not. What is beautiful about our product is that it is apt for kids with all kinds of skills and interests, and from different ages. Which leads to your question, the platform indeed teaches basic programming skills. But it operates as a fun thinking game that can fit every kid at the ages 4-9.”

What else is unique about Kidcode’s product?

“The platform not only works without an alphabetic language – what allows it to be relevant for all kids worldwide as there is no language barrier – it has the potential of becoming a more complex and mature learning platform for older kids. The platform will provide the child the skills while he\she are young and are like a sponge in a way, can absorb any kind of knowledge. In the future we strive to develop the platform and create more ‘worlds’ that will develop creativity and more intricate technical abilities.”

This leads us to our next question. What is Kidcode’s vision?

“Our vision is to create a world. A world of learning and of games, online of course. We want every boy and girl around the world to be able to play, to enjoy and to learn, and of course – to have the kids’ learning  difficulties, no matter what those are, to never disturb the process of the game.”

The guys at Kidcode might appear as kids themselves, and maybe that is exactly the beauty of it. They are dreamers. They came from the inside of the programming world, and were fascinated by computers and technology ever since they can remember. They are committed to their project on a deep and personal level, and we at Tech7 believe in them and encourage their work to keep on prospering.