This Friday, we would like to tell you about a startup that is about to change the world of orthopedics. The one of a kind software by Persimio is a personalized system that may predict the strength of the patient’s bone through its CT. The system supplies information the doctor has no access to. Even if we’re talking about the best orthopedist in the world, the human eye just cannot detect or predict bone strength. Persimio – can.

After 15 years of thorough academic research and validation, Persimio achieved an impressive capacity response of patient’s bone to daily life load. They have developed  a SAAS simulation tool that provides patient specific bone analysis and prediction of the risk of fracture. It also selects the optimal patient-specific orthopedic implant so to maximize surgery succuss for the long run.

Prof. Zohar Yosibash, CTO

Prof. Zohar Yosibash, an expert in biomechanical engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev tells us that, “just like looking at a chair and not knowing whether it will break when one will sit on it, looking at a CT or X-ray scan will not lead to precise or useful conclusions”. Surprisingly enough, even the bone’s density does not testify on enough relevant information. So how DOES it work? Well, Prsimio’s revolutionary system retrieves the geometry of the bone from the CT scan together with pointwise mechanical properties retrieved from the gray CT-values, then performs a computerized simulation when virtually applying on the bone the physiologic loads corresponding to a given patient. This is done in a manner accustomed to each patient personally. According to the patient’s age, height, sex ect. the system determines the risk of fracture.

The potential of the clinic applications of this system are endless. However, Persimio chose to currently focus and develop three of those. The first one helps cancer patients with metastatic tumors in their bones, that weaken their bone. Persimio’s system can predict these potential broken bones and save money, prevent redundant surgeries, and pain. Persimio also helps the elderly, which many of them break their hip-bone. Persimio’s last application is in the medication field. Patients that regularly take medications for bone support and strength are often misdiagnosed. And this is not due to the doctor’s negligence or lack of knowledge.

Consider, dear readers, to what extent this can change the world of medicine. In so many cases the patient has to endure great pain, and to suffer with no reason. Persimio is currently the only company in the world to develop a system as such, and we in Tech7 wish them the best of luck. They also reached the finals of our competition – SilicoNegev – so a big thumbs up to them!

According to our tradition, we will finish with a tip. We asked Zohar to give the ultimate advice for young entrepreneurs. This is what he had to say; “I can’t say I’m able to give a tip to a young start-uppers. I myself am only two years in the field. It doesn’t matter that I’m a professor, or that I’ve investigated for my company for a long time. We’re currently in the midst of the process, just like every other startup.” A modest and cool dude, that’s for sure.