This past week was one of a great added value. Tech7 was lucky enough to encounter the wonderful and essential startup – Reallearn – that is, its visionary co-founders, Shlomi Lazimi and Eyal Oren. These guys managed to create an online ‘bazaar’ of courses. It will provide the teacher and the student everything they need from each other, and comfortable system for scheduling a face to face meeting for a class. How does this all work? They told Tech7 all about it.

First, let us begin with you. How did you meet and think of the idea for Reallearn?

“Two years ago, the both of us left this big tech company and our executive positions after many years there. After some time, we came together to found our own company. From the beginning we knew we wanted something with an added value, and not just another huge gambling machine. We started to think about the field of learning and education, each of us from his own take on the issue, keeping in mind that the world is headed in the direction of a different form of learning, less formal – more diverse and fun.”

So, you immediately thought of people who wish to teach, but don’t necessarily have a formal diploma?

Eyal Oren & Shlomi Lazimi, Co-Founders of Reallearn

“Yes and no. We definitely considered the fact that today a person’s resume, in many professions, is dependent on what other people will say about his\her work. And no longer relies only on which certificate or formal qualification one has received. Also, people these days are much more open to the world – because they know more. Accordingly, people wish to learn a variety of different things. We can create profiles that range from a 15 year old boy who is a genius in building flying models, to a person who can teach existential philosophy. Everything goes.”

Reallearn provides the most important thing for the teacher – relevant students. The teacher receives the perfect tool box he\she needs to market themselves and to reach as many potential students as possible. The way it happens is simple, practical and quick:

“We launched our pilot last week, in which one can log in, subscribe as a teacher, build a personal profile and a course. At this stage, the potential teacher meets with us and together we think of what he\she needs. Eventually, as our website will be running longer than now, this will not be necessary. Our most important and main focus is to provide the teacher with students, alongside a system that will calculate all the expenses according to the profit the teacher sees fit.”

Why was it important for you to create a system that brings the teacher and the students together in the same physical space?

“One of the most important aspects of learning something is feeling comfortable to make mistakes around the teacher, and to feel at ease in general. In order for that to happen, we strongly believe, there cannot be a physical partition between teacher and students, and there has to be eye contact. We believe both sides will acquire more if they meet face to face, however we don’t reject the idea of having online lessons or lectures in the future.”

A tip for young startuppers from skilled and experienced guys like you?

“Don’t make us sound so old,” they both laugh,” Anyway, what immediately comes to mind is the crucial issue of the staff. If you wish to go on the wild trip of the start-up world, to be an entrepreneur, you have to choose your co-workers very well. And it’s not just a cliché, it can in fact determine the future of your company, regardless to the quality of your product.”