This past week we met with Ofir Bustan from Robotican Company. He told us about their current projects and work, leading us to realize how powerful they are. Other than their presence here, their influence is prominent on an international level; they collaborate with China and the United States, and sell to India. Their customers range from big ones – such as the Israeli Defense Minestry – up to smaller ones like a sub-laboratory in Ben-Gurion University, all are equally significant to them.

Well, let’s begin from the beginning. Who are the people behind Robotican, those that make it what it is?
“We are 16 staff members, 3 of them are interns. Our staff includes robotics experts, electrical engineers and software engineers. When you combine all of these skills together you can create the most intelligent robots.”

The Komodo, by Robotican

This leads us to the next question of course, what can you tell us about your product; your robots and your drones?
“We have a few products, some of them are already on the market and some are still in development. It is important to say that our company focuses on creating autonomic robots. That is, to make them not only automatic, but independent with self-learning abilities.”

Can you give us an example?
“Well, first we have our Komodo robot, which has a sensory laser scanner, a three dimensional camera and ultrasonic sensors. All of these allow the robot to map out the room or space and understand its depth. A developed version of this robot is our Armadillo – which works as a similar platform only more sophisticated and, dare I say it, more human. He will ultimately be able to go and bring whatever he will be told to bring.”

What about your drones?
“We have a few, some of them are a part of confidential projects, and some are set for other targets. The one I can tell you about is destined to serve search and rescue units. We’ve created a model in a 3-D printer, made of SLS plastic and carbon fiber. The drone has a ‘cage’ that makes it immune to all kinds of accidents. Plus, the propellers that rotate in max speed will not hit anyone.”

What are the upsides of this drone that rise above the abilities of a human-being?
“It has communication and video aptitudes that can work underground, it can reach places that a human-being can’t – for example, places with radiation or other limitations humans cannot overcome. This design has been optimized to save lives, and it does.”
The guys at Robotican know what they’re doing. They’ve been around since 2011 and plan to stay. In addition to order, diligence and a high work ethic, they have a vision that keeps growing through the means of creativity and imagination. Other than that, they give credit to ROS – Robotic Operating System:
“We work with this system which is maintained by Google and even the UN. We share with them code packages in this open source, and ROS is the code language we use in all of our products.”

Robotican Lab

Who are your customers? I can imagine it is not for me to have a robot at home right?
“We sell our products usually to universities, but recently we started branching out to various industries. For example, we have started collecting data regarding autonomic robots that operate in storehouses and organize their merchandise. In this field, we operate according to our customers’ requests.”

For our final question, what would you say is Robotican’s vision for the future?
“We wish to be Israel’s leaders in the field Autonomic Robotics, to be the body work that gives access to the robot’s technology in every company and household, whether in the air or on the ground.”