Have you ever had to plan a trip with your family? Your friends? Your girlfriend or boyfriend? Well, I’m sure most of you have. I am also certain that just like myself, you’ve never had the energy to do it.

Although we no longer need those clumsy travel-books, online information about traveling is pretty messy. This information is scattered in different websites and in a variety of mediums. Thus, the potential traveler dedicates too much time and energy on planning the trip, instead of enjoying the process – starting the fun of the trip right from its genesis.

Asaf Toker, Founder, CEO & Yosi Golan, Founder, CTO

This is where SeeVoov gets into the picture. SeeVoov offers an innovative trip planning experience based on video watching. Using a unique tagging technology they’ve developed, SeeVoov created a one of a kind location based on videos and images Database.

Tech7 went to meet Asaf Toker, SeeVoov’s CEO, to see what all the fuss is about. And indeed, our expectations from their product turned out to be accurate. Even more so, their web beta version is amazingly fun and user friendly.

So, back to Asaf, ( he’s also a pediatrician by the way) who told us that every time he plans a trip with his family, it is a drag. Whether it is to Paris, Rome or the Far East – it is never easy, and there is a lot to consider. One needs to look up for an extensive amount of information, to explore it and to compare each piece of evidence. This is, of course, in contrast to what we are used to today – “quick and chewed up information” as Asaf calls it.

The platform the guys at SeeVoov developed is video-based, as video is the most common form of searching travel information. It is also a trend that accelerates; with 49 billion views on travel in the past year alone, SeeVoov are definitely on to something.

By now, you’re probably asking yourselves, how does it all work? Well, all you need to do is to choose a destination, and get started. You will have a list of videos relevant to the style, intensity and time of your trip. SeeVoov’s system also provides you with all the original websites of the specific video you’re watching.

SeeVoov thought of everything; they provide the average amount of time of visit in each site or museum, traveler’s reviews on each site, opening hours – you name it. You can even choose not only the dates of flight, but the price, the length of flight and the amount of rests on the way.

The hotel is also included in your plan. You have an option to choose it according to its proximity to the sites you wish to visit, to the airport and so on. SeeVoov’s system maps out each and every single image on its videos. With a very complicated algorithm, it actually provides simply and effectively the most elaborate information on each place the video shows.

I asked Asaf what is SeeVoov’s vision. He said, with a huge smile on his face; “To be the next facebook, YouTube and TripAdvisor of traveling – all in one place. We also wish that eventually our platform will become social. People will upload their own videos and consult one another in relevance to their past and future trips.”

To conclude, as we at Tech7 always do, I asked Asaf what tip he can give to young start uppers; “Come to work happy, every day. You need to come and enjoy what you do, to really love it. Of course there are moments of frustration and anxiety, but as long as you believe in your work, you can be positive and love every moment of it.”