When talking about almost every product these days, the words “collaboration” and “sharing” are among the most overused descriptors. As we are all well aware, the world has become a tiny global village, thus everything happens faster and with more efficiency. The guys at XTRMX have managed to understand those facts well, as their company brings an entirely new interpretation into the market; a platform for realtime, simultaneous, many-to-many data & media manipulation. The complexity of managing large-volume digital-content by concurrent, globalized users, makes co-work on digital content a rare commodity, or just one that is difficult to manage. XTRMX overcomes this obstacle, presenting a framework that enables users to simultaneously manipulate their digital content, wherever they are, and wherever the content is hosted.

We at Tech7 met with Harel Ram this week, one of the co-founders of the company, to hear about what seemed to us almost like magic – a realtime collaboration of media editing from as many parts of the world as you can imagine, in a difference of only 40 milliseconds. On top of the internet latency the quality of the media file slightly reduced when scrubbing or playing but remains when freezinf on a frame, allowing the reviewer to accuratelywork on the frame.  So, this is what Harel had to say:

Harel: We officially started only 18 months ago, but the other 3 co-founders and I go way back. We ‘grew up’ in Beer-Sheva, worked at companies that are located here, and we remain loyal to the South of Israel. A large part of XTRMX is located here. Our ‘roots’ in Beer-Sheva is what ultimately inspired us to continue working in the field of media.

Tech7: Tell us about XTRMX, how the product works.

Harel: As aforesaid, XTRMX developed an engine that allows the sharing and editing of video, music and any other media content on a realtime basis, from anywhere. That is, I could be sitting in California, and at the same time you would be in Israel, and it would be exactly as if we sat in the same room, working on the same computer. One of the aspects that makes our product work so fast is that there is no need for uploading and downloading of the file. It is enough that one party has the file on his or her device for the other party (or parties) to be able to work on it in the same quality and speed.

And indeed dear readers, it is amazing – we have witnessed it. The quality of the media file remains, and the differences made in it while editing occur in perfect parallel. XTRMX’s product is amazingly comfortable and user friendly, as it requires no installment, and provides media editors with the same program they are used to. That is, the engine is actually the platform on which the application or program is put on. Even more so, the program – for example, Adobe Premiere – can be installed only on one of the devices in action in order for all the others to work on it as well, which is revolutionary.

The Co-Founders of XTRMX (left to right): Harel Ram, Oran Gilad, Netanel Elhadad & Eran Tomer

XTRMX saves money and time to huge production companies, as the editing of a film becomes a much easier task. The stunt maker, sound editor, video editor and producer are no longer obligated to sit in the same room to work on their upcoming film, they do not even have to be on the same continent.

Tech7: How do you see the future of XTRMX’s engine? How far can it go?

Harel: The benefit of our engine, and our ultimate goal, is that people will write different apps on it. For example, recently we have started to work on developing the engine so it will serve architectures. In the same way, in the future the engine will serve even the medical industry that obviously needs a platform for collaborative editing of heavy files such as MRI or CTI.