After almost 3 months since our first event of SilicoNegev, we are a moment away from the grande finále of the competition. No less than 50 startups have participated in the race after 500,000 shekels for funding.

However, only 5 of them made the cut. In about three weeks from now, on May 10, we will announce in real time the one lucky startup winner of the SilicoNegev competition.

Yotam Tzuker speking at the SilicoNegev Pitch Night

The SilicoNegev competition is a true landmark for us in Tech7. We are excited to witness the tech community growing, the effect it has on Beer-Sheva, and even on the South as a whole. Our cooperation with Mata organization allowed us the opportunity to help the southern startups receive validity and international exposure. We never thought the competition would make such a buzz in the media as it did, and we are proud to be a part of this movement in the south.

4 years ago, when the Hi-Tech Park – Gav-Yam – just opened, no one in Beer-Sheva ever dreamed that such an opportunity will come in the startuppers’ way. We certainly did not. Everyone we asked on the SilicoNegev Pitch Night claimed to be surprised to witness the massive amount of people and excitement at the event.

David Ben-Gurion at his favorite place, The Negev

David Ben-Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister and a prominent visionary and designer of the Negev once said, “Without the settlement of the South and the Negev we will not have National security and economic independence.” The dream Ben-Gurion had about the south of Israel being a powerful and leading place in many arenas is finally and gradually fulfilled.

Tech7’s next generation – Tech7 Juniors

In the past few years, the south is flourishing not only in the tech field, but also thanks to many other entrepreneurs and projects. The students of Ben-Gurion University are responsible for numerous businesses in Beer-Sheva. Bars, restaurants, pubs and shops are opening constantly, most of them owned and run by students or former students of the university. The city of Beer-Sheva, and with it the entire Negev, is becoming more and more alive.

So, back to the competition. As aforesaid, the event will take place on May 10, 5:30 pm. at the outer wide space area at the Gav-Yam Park in Beer-Sheva. We will have our usual mingling, good food and drinks, followed by very important guests. Among them even the mayor – Ruvik Danilovich, is expected to give a speech. Afterwards, 5 of the final startups will present their projects on stage, and in the end the winner will be announced.

Hope to see you all dear readers at the event, be sure we will give you a reminder a few days before. Shabat Shalom from us at Tech7!