This week, we went on a little road trip to Kibutz Revivim, a beautiful serene place found after only a 20 minute drive from Beer-Sheva.  In Revivim sits a very interesting and unique startup, featuring a mobile product of biometrical identification. We’ve spent some time with Oren Epstein and Eran Musai of Smufs to hear what they have to say about the biometrical field, and of course of their product.


Let’s start with you surprising choice of location to your startup – why here in this remote, however beautiful place?

“Well, it is surprising to most people but to us it seemed so natural. We both live here, literally, a three minute walk from this office. We like to wake up in the morning, feed our horses, be with our families, and then go to work.”

For how long has Smufs been around? How did it start?

“We started in 2012, and we’ve known each other for a long time. We are neighbors – I always like my workers to be my neighbors and the office’s neighbors” Says Oren and laughs.

Tell us about Smufs, what is it exactly and how did this idea come to mind?

“Around 2008, I invested in an American company of biometry, and that was the first time I did something thet is not related to real estate. There I began to learn the business, and even anticipated the company’s failure because of weaknesses I noticed and no one listened to me” Says Oren with a smile. “When I left, I had the feeling that Apple were about to launch their next smartphone with the option of a fingerprint – and they did. That’s when I decided to fly solo, and I understood that this is where the world is headed.”

“It took us two years to create the product – a mobile practical entity that recognizes a people through the touch of their finger. Within one second the person’s profile will appear on the smartphone’s screen. It is actually a mobile identifying station, with an FBI quality and speed. We’ve realized that the platform of a mobile smartphone can be used with all of its processors, as each person has a smartphone these days. That is one of the reasons our product is so cheap and easy to maintain.”

What are the other benefits your product has?

“It is accessible. With our product every company owner who has numerous employees that he\she want to collect their data easily, no longer needs to carry a big and heavy suitcase everywhere.”

Who is your target audience then?

“Particularly integrators from the biometrical field. For example, we sold our product to a Mexican bank system. Of course we’re not talking about the ‘average Joe’ here, but of big companies.”

For our final question, what is your dream? Where do you see yourselves in the future?

“Our biggest wish is to get into the fields of police and the army, it is not fancy and extra profitable but it will give us the final validation and ‘prestige’ we want. We know we have a very significant and comprehensive knowledge regarding biometry, as many companies consult us, even HP. But of course we want to spread ourselves even more.”