In the past few years, as the western world is changing and developing in many fields, fast and processed food industries are only getting bigger and bigger, and so are many of us.

Yet the problem of obesity or simply of gaining weight also brought along the awareness to healthy nutrition. A healthy life style is extremely important – physically and mentally – in a world where everything works in mass speed and in stress.

Omer Saban, Founder & CEO of Trainer4life

However, the information of a valid, efficient, personally-adjusted daily menu is not always accessible. Many people who are training need to have a balanced and healthy diet, and either do not have the money or time to start a long treatment with a nutritionist.

That is where Trainer4life comes in. Theyt started 8 years ago as a company that specializes in personal training. Then 3 years ago they began a startup that provides an easy system for constructing an accustomed personal menu and diet. As Omer Saban, the founder and CEO of the company told us; “each trainee has a different goal. One wishes to become more toned, whereas the other wishes to lose weight, or even gain weight through muscle mass. Thus each case requires a different kind of diet, which also fits the person’s current weight, and their sex.”

So instead of having to go see a nutritionist and have all the hassle of bureaucracy and so on, you have in your pocket every piece of information you need. All you need to do is put in the relevant details of yourself and your training plan in the system called “Mealler” which was developed by Trainer4life’s engineering team and their medical nutritionist.

Anyway, we at Tech7 love a good story, hence we are always intrigued to hear how and why people have started their company. So what inspired Omer Saban? Well, Omer has been a trainer for many years, and was always fascinated by the necessary connection between sports and nutrition. He noticed that every person he trains asks him for advice regarding his\her diet.

“The idea was born out of the obvious need we, as personal trainers, witnessed in the people we were training” Omer says, “and we wanted an easy solution for this problem. We wanted to provide each person the essential diet they wanted, with the food they love most.”

Currently, Trainer4life’s team is searching for investors in their product. One of their ultimate goals is to make a change not only in individual lives, but a social change. As Omer tells us, “our vision is to eventually be available for everyone. We want to get in the market of HMO, schools and even the army. These populations have a real need in a well-adjusted personal diet plan.”

And indeed, we think that if they succeed to get into those markets, a social change will occur and awareness will increase. For example, soldiers in Israel are thrown into a routine that changes their entire lifestyle. Whether it is a combat soldier or one who sits in the office – their daily activity is hectic, and their diet is dependent on the food available in the military dining room.

Omer tells us that his personal experience from the army, as a combat soldier, included a drastic change in his body, health and fitness. What he needed most was guidance on what to eat and what not, and all of us in Tech7 agreed with him.

Before we wished Omer and his team the best of luck, we asked him to think of a tip for young entrepreneurs;
“very often people’s ideas remain in the realm of ideas, and not of fulfillment. Don’t be afraid to materialize what is only a vision. I have a funny story, about 4 years before facebook brought the live videos to the world, I said to my friend ‘hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could stream videos live on facebook?’ so yes, believe in your ideas, there is always a good chance they will work.”